elevate the everyday

As any decorator or interior designer will tell you, vintage and handmade items have an allure that bring a room to life. Your home should be a reflection of you - so fill it with pieces that have a soul, a story and a purpose.

FIG + STONE is your online resource for items that have been hand-picked for your home. Our assortment of one-of-a-kind products changes periodically so that we can offer our customer a curated and dynamic collection of items to elevate the everyday. 

The Shop

We love the thrill of the hunt - but not everyone does! Those early mornings and pushy crowds aren't for the faint of heart. So we've made it our business to source the best vintage and handmade pieces from across the globe so that you don't have to. The result is a curated selection of amazing products. Trust us to do the heavy lifting so that you can have all the great finds without the flea-market fatigue.


Meet Ariel

The founder of Fig + Stone, Ariel is a California-based designer, curator and creator with expertise in vintage decor, textiles, furniture and art. In 2012, after years of chemistry courses and apprenticeships in art conservation, Ariel realized that sitting behind an easel wasn't for her. She went on to the corporate world and became a buyer for a large online decor retailer. Fast forward five years and she is designing and making pieces of her own. Ariel uses her training from both the art and business world every day with her hands-on approach to every project.

The Blog

More than just a creative outlet, the Fig + Stone blog is our way to share everything that we learn on our design journey. Every day is different around here; we might be refinishing a table, making leather and wood pieces for our collection, shopping in some foreign clime or making YouTube videos! Our hope is that it will become an editorial destination for anyone interested in DIY, home decor and design inspiration. If there is something you want to see, let us know! We believe design should be accessible and exciting, no matter your age or budget.